Get Off The Chair

… But it’s so comfy…

Life in the chair is no life at all…

The nomad spent many years traveling and living abroad, eventually settling down in very sunny St Petersburg Florida. Settling down and getting on with life, work and kids, years ticked by until one day while sitting in her favorite chair (yes a rocking chair) she realized that life was passing her by, her hopes and dreams were missed opportunities and that if she didn’t do something about it she would find herself in the shape of the very chair she sat upon.

Don’t get me wrong, rocking chairs are useful for thought pondering and wonderings but after awhile there isn’t much more you can get out of the inanimate object other than a rear in the shape of the seat!

Comfort zones are there for moments of rest but a fulfilling life is one where you push those boundaries and experience all that life has to offer you.  No matter your age, be it 21 or 91, life is to be lived, our minds to be opened and our souls to be nourished.


Join the nomad

On her many adventures in and around St Petersburg Florida and the World at large!

Lover of Music

Hard rock to Classical, even a bit of Hip Hop and Reggae.  Music is food for the soul and she is a strong believer in that having gone to over 250 concerts.

Nature Lover

Be it the Game Reserves, the Ocean, Mountains or Forests… if they exist the Nomad wants to visit them.

Food & Drink

So many choices and so little time, there is yet to be a food or drink she will not try. That said Brussel Sprouts will never be on her plate. Ever.

Experience the New

What is life without random happenings and adventures, trying new things or learning something new…

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