William Dean Chocolates

Chocolate art or art that is chocolate

I can’t decide. I’d have to say on first glance William Dean Chocolates is definitely a bit of both.

Knowing my intense sweet tooth may not be as objective as needed I managed to talk a new blogger, Donna from Inviting Adventure, into reviewing them with me. We took them one by one and tasted through them all. Look, I know you are meant to savor them and perhaps not even share these beauties but once you start there’s no stopping. It’s like a mystery explosion of flavor one piece at a time.

After we had tasted all of these pieces of art and drank a gallon of water we found ourselves agreeing on a few sure favorites and a few instant head shakers. Please note that I think the head shakers were more for the fact that William Dean really does make their flavors as close to reality as possible.

The instant head shakers

For instance, the Mojito (top right) was so sour that it sent our taste buds into a zinging dance. Think sour worms mixed with chocolate.

The Earl Grey (bottom right) was literally like having a sip of black tea with a dash of lemon, our brains had a hard time computing this one.

The Mint Pie was like crunching on a mint leaf and not at all like a sweet minty creation such as Andes or After Eights. (Left, second right)

The winners

The Coffee Caramel on the left was filled with gooey goodness, strong burnt caramel flavors finishing off with notes of coffee.

The Cappuccino (right) was a true work of culinary brilliance. Donna described it as pressed coffee froth captured inside a delicate chocolate case. It really was just like that, I think I’d get a whole box of just them! 

The tastiest of the lot?

Pistachio. It was unanimous, so unanimous that I was seriously thinking of giving Donna the “you touch the last piece and you die” kind of look. Soft and creamy with a light nutty texture this one melted in the mouth and called out for seconds. maybe thirds?

In Conclusion

Would I buy William Dean Chocolates? On their website, they say “We excite the eye and intrigue the palate”.

These chocolates are beautifully created and are true works of culinary art, perfect for the serious chocolate connoisseur and the adventurous.

Should I buy some again, I will be sure to remember that whatever they say the flavor is, they really do mean it. A rare thing in today’s times.


* This review is written with artistic license. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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