Acacia House, Napa Valley – worth all the hype?

Acacia House by Chris Cosentino in St Helena, California… Let me first start by just saying that I tagged along with WineTravelEats to meet a mutual friend for a meal. I was in charge of getting the directions (brave people) and for about 20 minutes had to have the word Acacia repeated multiple times until the person just said LAS AL-KO-BAS google it!!!

I googled and then I found myself going oh boy this place is fan-say!

Old World with a Modern Twist

I have to say that upon arriving the mix of old world splendor with modern chic of the exterior was just as I had googled (sometimes they fancy it up a bit on google much like a snapchat filter). Beautiful gardens and outside seating had me hankering for an outdoor dining experience.

But alas indoors we went…

The Interior

We walked into a wonderland of modern chic come relaxed-talk-all-afternoon. With their beautiful cozy layout we took a table by the window and delved into the wine menu. Though the wine list was extensive my eyes were drawn towards the much acclaimed Smith-Madrone Riesling. I’ve been hearing so much it over on Instagram, and that was that, I had to try it!

The food oh the food!

Because we are nice people (and they say good friend are meant to share) we decided to order three different meals and share amongst ourselves. Once the food arrived and we tasted them we all looked pretty disappointed that we hadto share! Yes, I know sharing is caring, but when it comes to the food at Acacia House… you do not want to share!

(Sorry, the Smith-Madrone Riesling is so good it was a model for all the food shots!)

Sweet Tooth you say? - Acacia House - Las Alcobas - food 5

Oh my my! Though they don’t have too many choices on the dessert menu the ones they do have are so good you really will fight your best friend for the last morsel!

We decided to sample the milk chocolate mousse. At first it looked so beautiful we didn’t want to eat it! But once we put that first spoonful in our mouths… let’s just say it was so good that even the non-sweet-tooth (yes it exists) was ooo’ing and aahhh’ing!

Tips? - Acacia House - Las Alcobas - bar.jpg – Acacia House – Las Alcobas – bar.jpg

Call ahead and make sure you get a table, this place is set to be very busy especially with all the wine tasters staying on site!

Be prepared to enter wanting to share but find yourself re-evaluating your “sharing is caring” policy once the food arrives.

If you’re heading there after the proverbial plane has taken flight they do have an extensive bar on site as well as some delicious sounding cocktails!

To make an appointment click here.

* This review aka short intro is written with artistic license. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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