Fate and the wheel of change…

Have you ever been through a really bad patch of bad luck, where things just seem to go wrong for no apparent reason? If you answered yes then you will know how disheartening it can be, how it can break ones spirit and how at times it can feel like a machine guns bullets hitting your soul.

We can tend to lose hope during these periods of bad tidings, we want to throw the towel in at times and just say “thats that” and give it all up. Holding on is like hanging from a skyscraper by a thread but if we don’t we will never see the true light of day, we will never experience those things we are meant to experience, live the life we are meant to live.

Fate can be a strange animal but the one constant that is always true is the fact that everything does in fact happen for a reason, everything has a purpose, it is just not always clear when we are in the mix of it.

I know you are thinking “what the hell does this person know”, that is what I would probably be saying to myself at this point. I have seen the dark side of life and I have seen the wheel turn many times, it has been the one constant in my life and normally follows a period of bad times, luck and sadness.

In the earlier years I just thought and believed I was cursed, growing up with the torrent of bad things that happened, I thought that this is what life is all about, this is how it would always be. Only later on as I got to recognise the wheel in motion did I start to realise the purpose for the past events and how they fitted in with the past, present and future. If we were all psychic it would save us a lot of heart ache and pain, being able to know ahead of time the purpose of our hardship is a gift and one I am jealous of, I am human as you are.

During my life there have been many ups and downs, at times more downs than ups and over the last two years there has been a concentrated series of bad luck, time and time again I would get shot down. Like a bird from the sky I’d fall with the wound bleeding, lie still on the ground and hope for it all to end only to feel the inner strength start to flow within my veins, I’d stand up wipe my face dry and find a “doctor” to help heal the bullet wound. Time and again it happened, to this day I don’t know how I got up each time, how I rose and how I carried on but the fact that I knew the wheel had to turn instilled a peace within me during the toughest times.

One day when I am less shy I will splurge the details of the bullets, one’s that put my world into an anti-clockwise spin, one day I will tell you the purpose of it all, but believe me when I tell you there is a purpose for it all. During the tough times we must never give up, we must always hang onto that thin thread, hold on to hope and believe in the Wheel of Change.

Never give up for tomorrow the sun may shine again, If you give up now how will you ever feel the warmth of tomorrow?

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