Who do we call? Ghostbusters!

Busy going through my old photos and found this one that I shot in Wales, I still laugh when I see it…

erm which would you choose? Option 1 (call 999) or Option 2 (call 999) or Option 3 (scream for the Samaritans)???
am I just being blonde or is this ridiculous???

8 thoughts on “Who do we call? Ghostbusters!

  1. You know I have come to realise (not hard mind) what with finding ice-cream on my nose after doing the rounds in a shopping centre, chocolate cake on my chin, clicking on fake links and yoda moments that perhaps no matter what colour my hair is I may just still be blonde… hoping that it is just the after effects 😛

  2. I have no idea what 999 and Samaritans are; still, this cracked me up!

    Ah the irony of the Modern Age. We think we’re sophisticated and proactive, but really still so sophomorish.

  3. Ilegirl – Lol how true! The UK is full of wonders like this – 2 weeks after this one I went to a party in a town called “No Place” (yeah you heard right), “No Place” is right near another town called “Pity Me”… very sophisticated…

    999 is like 911 in the US and don’t know what they call the Samaritans in the US will ask Craiglist specialist 🙂

    I just decided I’d call the ghostbusters probably more efficient and way more speedy to the rescue! 😀 (was stuck on a beach with our car keys locked in the back of the car for four hours – had a crazy parking attendant getting all upset because we were parked so long, kept on hinting for us to move our car, he didn’t seem to get the idea that we had no keys, were freezing our butts off and starving…and the loo’s had newspaper for toilet paper)

    Spillay lol here in SA it is 10111, they take a while to answer and by that time your neighbours house is burnt down and yours is filled with smoke (from experience lol)

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