Is forgiveness really possible?

Forgiveness is one of the world’s greatest mysteries, one that seems to always come with a short answer “just accept and move on”. Hah! Yeah right… seriously? Just accept it and move on? You have to be kidding people! After hearing that one liner so many times I stopped asking others how they came to forgive another. I started to realize that each of us … Continue reading Is forgiveness really possible?

Working winter to enjoy the Summer

I don’t know about you, but I suffer from the Winterassgrowth disease, yip you know the one where you get all cosy, eat more, less exercise and just be, that one.  Much like a squirrel storing its supplies for hibernation our bodies tend to hit this mode, anything we eat it keeps some back in “supplies” to keep our bodies warm. So if you are … Continue reading Working winter to enjoy the Summer

F/H: Hurricane Survival Kit

If a hurricane’s a comin’ be prepared! Hurricane Survival Kit Toilet Paper………………………..check Bud Light……………….. ………….check Keystone Ice……………………..check Budweiser………………………..check Red Dog……………………………check Misc. other bottles of alcohol….check Piece of plywood to float your old lady and booze on……………………check Continue reading F/H: Hurricane Survival Kit

It’s a beautiful day!

Its the first day of spring, woke up this morning and the flowers were out, the sun was shining and the radio said “Be warned there is another massive cold front on the way.  Sunday will be high seas, winds are expected to reach 120km per/hr with hail and snow.” Good morning sunshine, weather is so much like life that it astounds me.  Sometimes we … Continue reading It’s a beautiful day!

Accepting the skew picture frame

Oil Painting - 0201_450

Ever walked into a room and there up on the wall sits a photo or painting that is skew.  Does it drive you nuts or do you not care?

Don’t know about you but it drives me insane.  Perhaps this is just the Virgo in me coming out but I feel forced to correct it with haste.  That said I can’t always reach it without finding a ladder first, sometimes they are just too high up for my tallness.

Now lets say you didn’t correct it, you are aware of it and you have a whole bunch of friends over.  The whole time everyone is laughing and having fun you are slightly unsettled.  Your mind keeps drifting back to that skew picture up on the wall keeping you from enjoying the moment fully.  You laugh but it isn’t fully. You smile but it isn’t fully.  There is something else on your mind.

If you had accepted that the painting is skew and had peace with the fact that, no matter what, it will remain like that would you be able to enjoy the party more fully?  Would you be able to be fully “in the moment”?

Continue reading “Accepting the skew picture frame”

Men with small …. brains

I don’t mean only men but rather just the human race, saying humans or people just didn’t sound right to me. In all honestly I have avoided the local news for many reasons, Zimbabwe’s fake talks – not one Zimbabwean believes it to be true or useful. They still have their 7pm curfews. They still fear their lives every moment of every day. They still … Continue reading Men with small …. brains

The Father and the life he gave me

Father’s day doesn’t mean much to me, I haven’t had a father since the age of 5, he killed himself. No, not in the normal sense of “Suicide” but rather through continuous alcohol abuse, he was a raging alcoholic. He came from a long lineage of addicts. My grandparents on his side, also both deceased, were drug addicts addicted to painkillers and alcohol. He grew … Continue reading The Father and the life he gave me